Keep it minimal. Keep it Xperia!

What is XOSP?

XOSP is an after-market firmware based on CodeAuroraSources (CAF) destinated for a wide range of Android phones. The name stands for the Xperia Open Source Project and the project was initially created by @nilac for the Galaxy S+ (his old device) years ago when back then the ROM was called S+ Reborn. The vision was to create a minimal bloat free ROM which included Sony Xperia specific apps and various tweaks users would expect from a custom ROM.S+ Reborn became a success and was eventually ported to different devices so from there it was rebranded to XOSP. Calin worked on the project for 2 years always trying to improve it. Eventually, Because of the fact Lollipop was buggy on his Galaxy S+, he decided to take a break from development until he got his hands on the Zenfone 2 in 2015 and from then he started again the development of XOSP and continued it ever since.

Android Nougat

We base our ROM on the latest Android Version!

Open Source

We are open to suggestions and improvements to our code source, if you got something don't esitate to make a pull request!


Check out our community, the place to share opinions, and to stay up-to date with the latest news and upcoming features! Google+

Lots of Features

Apart from Xperia's design and featured apps, we also include the best features from other great ROMs.

Smooth and Stable

That's the first thing we offer to you! And you have my word that if this is isn't smooth for you then nothing else would be!

Available for many devices

The ROM is available for many devices. The list of devices is growing all the time! If you also want to build for your device follow up this link.

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XOSPApps includes the complete set of the most used Xperia Apps for the ROM. Everything about it, right here.


Official devices get XOSPDelta suppport! Our newest way to bring up updates to the users! Every week a new Delta is released including the lastest changes made in the past week!

Share it!

Do you like the ROM? Share it with your friends, and let them know about it. And don't forget to join our community!


XOSPApps includes all the common Xperia Apps. They're updated all the time in every release exactly as GApps are updated.Here are the apps included in XOSPApps zip package:

  • Album App
  • Music (former WALKMAN)
  • PhotoAnalyzer
  • PhotoEditor
  • SemCalendar
  • SomcPodcast
  • SemcClock
  • Audio Recorder
  • ClockWidgets
  • ClockWidgets (Black)
  • WallpaperPicker (For Wallpapers inside the Launcher)
  • Weather App
  • Weather Widget
  • WorldClock Widget

XOSPApps Essentials

These instead are the essentials XOSPApps and these ones are pre included in the ROM and they're ready to be used once the user flash the ROM

  • Battery Adviser
  • Xperia Home
  • SemcCalendar
  • SemcClock
  • SemcEmail
  • Xperia Keyboard aka textinput-tng
  • Xperia Services


  • CodeAuroraSources
  • Sony and the Xperia community
  • @XDA Malybru for the XOSP banner
  • Mihir Mistry for the XOSP logo

    Installation Instructions

  • Download latest build for your device with the latest GApps
  • Reboot recovery
  • Wipe data factory reset
  • Flash latest XOSP Build
  • Flash the XOSPApps package (Optional)
  • Flash GApps
  • Reboot

  • Note: As always, we are not responsable for any damage to your phone or soft bricks. You're flashing this at your own risk!

Want to Contribute?

You can contribute in many ways in order to help the ROM development, like for example translating or building the ROM for your device. If you're a designer, you can contribute by making cool banners or personalization stuff to be further included maybe in the ROM. You can also contribute to the ROM sources in different ways, from a slight fix or improvement to a much bigger change or changes If you have got a new feature and you think that it may get a chance to be included in the ROM, don't hesitate to fork and make a pull request.

If you have experience with Android development and you want to be part of the team just PM C─âlin Neamtu on Hangouts by introducing yourself a bit and also by telling him what have you done in Android Development and how you can contribute in making XOSP better.

The Team

Calin Neamtu (nilac)

Founder and Lead Developer
Maintains: Zenfone 2 (Z00A,Z008 variants)

Pedro Kalil



Maintains: Xperia SP (huashan)